Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wonderworld Puppets

Presents a special program for Schools, Libraries and Recreation Departments


featuring our signature puppet show
"The Race of the Tortoise and the Hare"

followed with a "behind the scenes"demo when we take the curtains off the stage and explain the puppetry techniques used in the show. Then we reveal to the audience how to make puppets, and puppet stages, using recycled materials. Ending with a surprise appearance of "Big Alien".


Born in 1974, the Wonderworld Puppets have grown to delight kids of all ages at such diverse locations as; county fairs, zoos, attractions, schools, libraries, malls, museums, corporate functions, events and festivals throughout California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Washington State, Nevada, Colorado and Canada.
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 Featuring puppeteer Ric Morton, who worked with The Muppets, and the Jim Henson Company, in the first 'Muppet Movie', 'The Flintstones' and "Muppetvision 3D" at Disneyland.

Wonderworld Puppets entertaining a large crowd at the South Bay Galleria, Redondo Beach, Calif.

"Once you watch the Wonderworld Puppets, you'll wonder what in the world could be more colorful, silly and fun." South Bay Galleria

The Wonderworld Puppets entertaining another large crowd at the California Strawberry Festival

"Wonderworld Puppets puts on one of the finest and most entertaining shows in children's entertainment."
California Strawberry Festival


Ric Morton & Wonderworld Puppets entertain over 50,000 people with 117 performances at the Los Angeles Zoo's 1990 summer season!

The Wonderworld Puppets' performances at the Los Angeles Zoo's ICEE Zoopeteers Puppet Theatre, resulted in a 50,622 audience count for the 39-day run, with 117 performances of the puppet show "Monkey Business" during the 1990 summer season.
 The one-man show, performed by Ric Morton, attracted standing-room only crowds in the Eucalyptus Grove area of the Zoo.
"Monkey Business" was designed and constructed exclusively for the Los Angeles Zoo by Ric Morton.
For Booking Availability & Performance Fee
310-878-2789 /